Why should my business use Clear Energy Solutions?

We provide an unbiased & transparent cost effective solution to all your business energy needs. In essence, with over 3 decades experience in the UK energy Industry. We have both the expertise & know how to manage your business energy requirements.  Our philosophy is simple solutions with transparency.

Who should consider using Clear Energy Solutions?

Any association, business type, charity, council, not for profit organisation or any other user of energy as paid for by non domestic entity.

Is Clear Energy Solutions independent?

Yes, here at Clear Energy Solutions we have over 18 suppliers partners and always recommend the best price option regardless of the supplier.

Will there be a charge for gaining quotations?

Simply no.

How do you achieve better prices than if I go direct?

We have worked hard to build close relationships with all our energy supplier partners.

We also have many ways in which we can procure your future energy. Such as group bulk purchase, single entity, fixed, flex…… the options are many.

As a successful energy consultancy we deliver our energy suppliers with regular business. This also provides us with some of the most competitive pricing within the third party intermediaries arena. Therefore we always achieve and importantly present the best price from one of many UK energy suppliers.

Caution : to efficiently scan the complete market takes both time and serious effort.

Whilst most businesses are more switched on to energy pit falls – sadly most business still do not have time allocated or resources to trawl and engage with all different energy suppliers.

Proudly at Clear Energy Solutions we are simply a one point of contact for everything business energy.

What do you need in order to gain prices on my behalf?

We will require a Letter of Authority (LOA) which tells the supplier that you have given Clear Energy Solutions permission to act on your behalf. In order to gain the quotation we may also need some details which can usually be found on your supplier invoice such as consumption and meter numbers.

Letter of Authority (LOA)

Please download our Letter of Authority template here. This will need to be returned to us on your own company headed paper, and signed by someone within your business who has authority to make decisions on the energy.

LOA Template

How do Clear Energy Solutions get paid?

Simple we have 2 models. 1) We receive commission payment from an energy supplier. 2) We receive a direct negotiated fee from the customer

Once I have signed a contract, is there a cooling off period if I change my mind?

In the business energy world, there is no cooling off period. We work with you and the supplier to ensure that the contract you agree on is the right one for your business.

Is my data safe with Clear Energy Solutions?

Yes, we ensure that all data is stored strictly in abidance with the Data Protection Act.

We are a charity, how can you help us?

We always look to reduce your energy spend as the 1st priority. We have a proven track record to audit VAT & CCL to ensure every charity only pays for what it needs to. We regularly undertake the reclaim and back reconciliation exercises to recover monies owed.

Charities need to be more energy savvy and ensure all energy decisions are made from the lowest spend option – we pride ourselves on showing you a clear saving.

Where is Clear Energy Solutions based?

Our head office is based in Leciester, close to a number of energy suppliers. This does not restrict our client base, we represent customers energy needs across the whole country.

Can Clear Energy Solutions quote for multiple site/supplies?

Yes we are multi premises experts. In fact we pretty much supply energy to every UK high street. Try us out and give us a call as we can help you.

Do you do bill validation?

Yes we do, speak to one of our advisers today to find out more.

Do you do new connections and metering?

Yes we project manage both gas installations and electricity installations.

All types of meter installation, service connections meter exchanges, asset assessment.

Visit our services page to find out more about what we can do for your business, or contact us now to start saving.